Our Services

  • Estimating

    We specialize in material takeoffs for labor and materials. Need a detailed cost estimate we can help, it is an important part of the project to keep budgets on track.

  • Building Renovation

    Are you interested in Renovating or Remodeling your Home and wondering how to get started, or what to expect during the process? Then call EDHB for your Residential Home and Remodeling needs.

  • Project Management

    EDHB handles complex tasks that can change dramatically from project to project, and requires skills like strong communication, knowledge of the Building process, and problem solving.  Know that with EDHB you have picked a winner!

  • Consulting

    Our Consultants will advise Owners on their Home project and a liaison between the Owner of the project and the Construction crews.

  • Architecture

     Architects sometimes specialize in one phase of work. Some specialize in the design of one type of building—for example, hospitals, schools, or housing. Others focus on Planning and Pre-design services or Construction Management and do minimal design work, but we EDHB cover all.

  • Financial Analysis

    We are the choice for Homeowners, who want to analyze the feasibility of various new home and income producing projects. We provide consistent quick and accurate financial reports that can only be equaled.

Let us Build something for you!